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Open nightly beginning Thursday June 20th, 2019

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Georgetown Drive-In
8200 State Road 64
Georgetown, IN
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June 1957 mailer

This is the monthly movie calendar for June 1957. Notice that at the top it says that the drive-in is one-half-mile East of Georgetown on Highway 64 - now the drive-in is miles to the West of the city limits.

Owner Bill Powell stands next to one of the reels used to feed the feature movie through the projector.

The all-so-important popcorn popper! Don't you wish you had one of these at your house?

The hot fluffy popcorn is ready.

All the snacks to make any movie more pleasurable.

The main entrance to the concession stand.

A close-up of the artwork on the outside walls of the concession stand.

An interesting corner of the concession stand.

The front of the concession stand building and the projector room for screen one.

Inside the concession stand. Notice the classic Pic bug away product poster on the left?

A close-up of the Pic poster.

Doesn't this make you hungry?

A older game machine at the end of the snack bar.

The main feature projector for screen one. Notice the huge vent coming from the top?

The film is kept on this huge reels and are fed up and back down through the projector onto another reel on the opposite side.

This is the lense (top) and audio (bottom) areas of the projector with the covers open.

This is the audio equipment that broadcasts the movie in FM-Stereo quality and also feeds the classic drive-in post-mounted speakers.

Old metal identification tag on the projector.

This is used to test the post speakers and is on the wall in the projector room.

This projector is used to show the cartoons and intermission comercials. It's pretty much a standard school-type projector but with a much brighter bulb.

This is the three-phase box that supplies the electrical power to the main projector.

This is the bulb for the main projector. It costs about $2,000 to replace and burns out about ever five seasons.

This is the side of the main projector all closed up

The main projector and the hole in the wall that it projects through for screen 1.

These are working replacement speakers for the drive-in.

Pizza on the side of the concession stand.

Concession stand

Ticket booth.

No recording equipment allowed!

Front of the ticket booth.

Cars in line waiting to see Star Wars Episode II on opening night.

Another shot of cars waiting in line.

The back of screen one at night.

This welcomes you to the drive-in.

The back on the concession stand. Food to the left, restrooms are to the right.

Another angle.

The concession stand menu board.

All movies are transmitted in FM-Stereo quality for your listening enjoyment.