What's Playing Next Week?
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The Georgetown Drive-In will be opening for the 2019 season
the weekend of May 4th, 5th, and 6th, 2019

Celebrate with us as we start our 68th season!
To celebrate, we'll be offering an opening special:
$6.80 per car-load, van-load or truck-load.

We'll be opening with The Lego Movie 2 and Aquaman

Click HERE to download the employment application.

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Can you tell me what you are playing next-week or on a specific date?

The movies are posted on our website, emailed to our email subscribers and posted on Facebook as soon as the decision is made on what's playing.

Although there are are certain upcoming movies we know in advance we will be showing - those movies are listed on the UPCOMING link on our web site.  However, the decision on what to show week-to-week usually isn't made until early-in-the-week and posted on Tuesday or Wednesday starting the following Friday. 

Special schedules and events of-course will alter this schedule.

So unfortunately, no.  It's not possible to answer questions about what will be playing next-week or on a certain date in the future since any answer given today is subject to change tomorrow.