Georgetown Drive-In

8200 State RD 64, Georgetown, IN
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1-2 emails/week during our open season only

Georgetown Drive-In Movie Theatre
As we come to the close of the season, The Georgetown Drive-In would like to thank everyone for coming out and making this year so special. We greatly appreciate your support through the years and it's thanks to our loyal customers that we were able to celebrate all the years here at the Georgetown Drive-In.

Over the past years, the Drive-In has had the honor of becoming a family affair for several of you. Watching your families grow as each generation introduces the next to the Georgetown experience has proven to be the most rewarding aspect of owning and operating the Drive-In. Helping families share and create memories of seeing movies under the stars is something we look forward to doing over for many years to come.

We are aware that the end of the season always seems to come too fast and just like in the past, you can't help but wonder where the time went. By closing, it allows our family and employees to take a well-earned break and enjoy the fall weather before winter makes other outdoor activities less accommodating and plentiful.

If you do feel the urge to get out and enjoy a Drive-In experience, we encourage you to visit one of those in the region that may still be open after we close; The Holiday in Mitchell, IN, The Skyline in Shelbyville, IN, The Holiday in Rockport, IN, The Bourbon Drive-In in Paris, KY, Sauerbeck Drive-In in La Grange, KY, and The Judy in Mt. Sterling, KY are just a few we believe will still be open.

Drive-Ins are not as widespread as they once were and we would love for our patrons to visit and support any of these or other Drive-Ins that you can. We look forward to seeing you next spring and again, we thank you for making this season so memorable - as always.

Thanks for a great 72nd season

Originally a solo screen when it opened in 1951, Georgetown is now a two-screener, and one of the few remaining drive-ins which still maintains a playground for the kids. And, among other traditional elements, despite having upgraded the audio to stereo FM radio, there are still some working drive-in window speakers here for the nostalgically inclined.

Digital video and sound!
Front screen 95.1 FM / Rear screen 90.7 FM

We'll be seeing you under the stars
at the Georgetown Drive-In Theatre!










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